Elite Human Surface Shader

Elite Human Surface Shader 1.0

Designed to deliver exceptional results using the default settings
1.0 (See all)

Elite Human Surface Shader has been designed to deliver exceptional results using the default settings. You may simply load and render your figures without changing a single dial and produce photo-realistic pictures effortlessly.
Using true, ray-traced sub-surface scattering, translucency; two separate specular channels for advanced highlight effects, bump, displacement, diffuse, and reflection channels and more this shader will help take your DAZ Studio renders to a whole new level.

Main Features:
- Subsurface Scattering Support
- All shading contributions (diffuse/specular/reflection) can be individually toggled, allowing the user to easily isolate the individual components.
- Enhanced Specular Control
- Enhanced Reflection Control
- Velvet component which can be used to simulate "peach fuzz" or fabrics.
- Translucency
- Tile-able Textures
- Improved Transparency/Refraction usability
- All Component Colors and Strengths are Mappable.

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